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New Driveway With A Block Paving Finish in Durham

New driveway installation in County Durham. When you want a block paved driveway installation in Durham, you want TFJ Paving LTD. There originally was only a lawn area with a foot path at the front of the house. We dug out the entire area and benched it off with a concrete edging kerb set in concrete.

We put in a new drainage system to comply with SUDS which we piped into a new soak pit we have built off to the side of the driveway.

We put in a new Type 1 MOT foundation on the driveway and added in membrane sheeting on top of it. We put down sand to let us set accurate levels for the block paving finish.

We laid the block paving down on the new driveway in a 45 degree herringbone pattern. The colours used were brindle paving for the main section and a red / charcoal border brick to bring out the colours in the brindle in the driveway.

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