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Do you need a skilled resin contractor to lay a resin bond driveway in Weston-super-Mare or a resin bonded patio? Our skilled resin specialists at TFJ Paving LTD can lay resin bond at a very affordable price.

Our resin bond specialists during our FREE quote, can go through the options available including the different styles of chip finishes that is available to you in Weston Super Mare. Wide range of design choices available. Providing you with options on edging, custom tailored steps and pattern designs to compliment your resin driveway or resin patio area.

All the resin driveway and resin patio installations undertaken by TFJ Paving in Weston-super-Mare are laid to the very highest of standards only using approved resin adhesive and chip finishes.

The resin driveway and patios installed by us are capable of handling all types of vehicular traffic. We provide a written warranty which provides a warranty of 15 years on your newly installed resin driveway or patio area.


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We can give you a tour of previous resin driveway installations to give you some ideas on how you would like your own resin bonded surface to look. We cover a wide range of areas for resin installations including resin bond in Durham and resin bond in Newcastle.

If you would like other driveway options, check out our other solutions by going to our block paving or tarmac driveway sections. We believe in providing value to each and everyone of our customers.

Don’t delay and give TFJ Paving a call today, we look forward to hearing from you. We don’t charge any fees for quotations and we do not require any upfront deposits. We have work references going back 15 years with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Most Common Chip Finishes

Gold Resin Bond Driveway in Durham

Gold Resin Driveway

We provide options on gold resin driveway installations which is a very common finish for most driveways and patios
Silver Granite Bond Driveway in Durham

Granite Resin Driveway

Another common option for both driveways and patio areas is the silver granite chip finish on resin

Resin Driveways

Resin Bond has become a very popular option now on driveways. Firstly it has outstanding durability when laid down correctly and its anti slip properties make it a great all round surface to walk on.

It can have tailored features with unique designs, shapes or even numbers laid into it. When you are looking for a truly bespoke area, nothing comes close when its compared to resin bond.

Architects are now commonly using it in planning along with developers as it provides great value and will make any driveway stand out when compared to either block paving or tarmac driveways.

Extra Options

Other options like recessed inspection chambers, drainage, edging and steps are available for installation along with your resin bond driveway. We can go through the options with you to help create a custom bespoke driveway that suits you and your home in Weston Super Mare.

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